Stop RBC funding climate chaos

RBC is pouring billions into fossil fuel projects driving climate chaos

We have a shareholder proposal that would make sure RBC stops funding the fossil fuel industry.

Will you email your pension fund manager today to support this important proposal?

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RBC is financing the climate crisis. It is the 5th largest funder of fossil fuel projects in the world, it dumps billions every year into fossil fuel projects, including destructive pipelines and tarsands mines

But did you know that your retirement savings could help make RBC change its ways and be part of the solution to stopping climate change?

That’s because if you have a pension, including CPP or CDPQ, superannuation, or mutual fund it’s probably invested in RBC and that means you have the power to force RBC to stop financing climate catastrophe.

We submitted a powerful shareholder proposal calling on RBC to limit its role in causing climate chaos by reducing how much it lends to fossil fuel companies.

This... proposal would ensure that RBC takes the bold action needed to prevent climate catastrophe. But in order for it to pass, we need your help.

By emailing your fund manager today you can help make sure some of RBC’s biggest investors -- like your pension fund -- back our plan to force RBC to take climate chaos seriously.

With RBC’s big shareholder meeting only weeks away, its investors are already deciding how to vote on our proposal, so we have to act fast. We’ve made it super easy for you to send an email. It only takes a minute and makes a huge difference.

I’ll ask my fund manager to prevent climate catastrophe.

RBC is one of the biggest funders of fossil fuels in the world, and yet it has no concrete plans to reduce fossil fuel funding. With climate catastrophes like Texas' historic winter storm becoming more and more common, we just don't have time to wait for RBC to take bold action.

Already, 28,000 of us have called on RBC bank to pull the plug on fossil fuel financing.

And now, two amazing SumOfUs members like you who own shares in RBC have been generous enough to work with us and submit our shareholder proposal

Our proposal is just common sense, and is the bare minimum that RBC should be doing to protect the planet. And yet, without shareholder support, this massive bank won’t take action.

Fund managers are not used to hearing from their contributors and that’s why your email today could make such a big difference. You’re paying into a retirement fund, you should have a say on what is being done with your money.

And your money could make RBC step up and take leadership to ensure a liveable future for us all.

Send an email today to prevent climate catastrophe.

SumOfUs has been instrumental in leveraging the power of shareholders to make changes inside corporations. In November, because of shareholder pressure, we got TD to announce a net-zero by 2050 plan, as well as backing out of funding Arctic oil projects. And our pressure was critical in getting RBC to make a net-zero announcement as well. But we know RBC's announcement doesn't go far enough and that's why we need your help.

Together, we can work together to change corporations for the better -- from the inside.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Amelia and the team at SumOfUs

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