Dont be fooled, Paov

The truth prevailed yesterday, and that’s something to celebrate, but we can’t mistake the carbon tax for the bold climate action we need. r1


I’m sure you saw the news yesterday: the Supreme Court affirmed that the federal carbon tax is constitutional.1 What’s more, the court joined scientists and social movements in calling climate change “an existential threat to human life in Canada and around the world.”

The truth prevailed yesterday, and that’s something to celebrate, but we can’t mistake the carbon tax for the bold climate action we need. Remember: climate scientists give us less than a decade to cut global carbon emissions in half. That requires massive economic transformation, paid for by the multibillion dollar corporations that got us into this mess.

Take a moment to ask your MP to support the Just Transition Act, a vital first step on the road to a made-in-Canada Green New Deal.

We’re glad the Supreme Court pushed back against the Conservative premiers yesterday but, if we let this legal battle turn carbon pricing into a stand-in for real climate action, then we’re still having the debate on Big Oil’s terms. Just look at the other big news that broke yesterday: the American Petroleum... Institute - one of the original architects of organized climate denial2 - has come out in favour of the carbon tax.3

Don’t be fooled. While putting a price on pollution is important, it is nowhere near sufficient to halt the climate crisis. Worse, it’s becoming another greenwashing tactic wielded by the fossil fuel industry to distract from their disproportionate responsibility for climate breakdown and dodge real consequences.

Tell federal leaders to pass the Just Transition Act. We can’t afford to keep delaying.

The real answer, as’s Policy Director Natalie Mebane put it yesterday, is for “fossil fuel corporations like Exxon, BP, Chevron, and ConocoPhillips to pay for the damage they’ve done to people and the planet.”4 Real climate leadership means ending federal subsidies for oil and gas, stopping all new fossil fuel projects and forging ahead with a full-scale economic mobilization.

Right now, the Trudeau government isn’t even coming close to that - but many people still think he’s a climate leader.5 If you have friends and family who are inclined to see yesterday’s SCC decision as a sign that the Liberals are doing enough on climate, please send them this email or, better yet, have a conversation with them about what real climate action looks like.

In solidarity,


PS - If you’ve already emailed your MP about the Just Transition Act, thank you! Have you heard back yet? Please let me know what they said.

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5: Climate Access: What do Canadians Really Think About Climate Change? is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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