Amazon under attack!

The Indigenous People of the Amazon are under attack! Brazilian President Bolsonaro wants to open up some of the most fragile rainforest to predatory mining companies.

Let’s pressure the Brazilian Congress to vote down Bolsonaro’s plan and protect the Amazon!

Aerial picture of rainforest with a mining site in the middle.

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Bolsonaro says it’s his ‘dream’ to open up the Amazon rainforest for mining but for the Indigenous People who call it their home, it’s a nightmare.

Ripping up the land to mine for gold and diamonds will devastate the precious ecosystems and the Indigenous communities who have protected these sacred lands for years.

Bolsonaro wants to rush his plan through a vote in Congress in the next few weeks, so we have to act fast.

If we can show Brazil’s politicians that the whole world is watching as they’re deciding the Amazon’s fate, we can stop this senseless destruction.

Add your name and show them... that there is massive public opposition to this plan.

Join the call: Stop Bolsonaro’s Amazon nightmare!

Thirty years ago Brazil’s constitution put these Indigenous lands out of bounds.

But ever since Bolsonaro came to power, mining giants and small-time prospectors have been clamoring to get their hands on the Amazon’s treasures. Unless we stand-up and stop Bolsonaro’s plan, this could be their golden ticket.

This attack on these Indigenous Peoples’ lands is an attack on all of us. Our survival depends on the Amazon rainforest, and the Indigenous People that nurture it.

Now those fighting on the frontlines, like our allies at the Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil and the Pariri Indigenous Association need our help. Let’s stand with them in their hour of need.

Add your name: Stand with the Indigenous People of the Amazon.

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More information:

The Companies and Individuals Attempting to Mine on Indigenous Lands in Brazil Apublica, February 20th 2020
Brazil sees record number of bids to mine illegally on Indigenous lands Mongabay, November 13th 2020

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