Demanding Real Change

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Dear Friend,

Since our founding, the BCCLA has pushed for police accountability and limiting the scope of police powers. It’s a big task, and we take it on today by tackling the problem of policing on many fronts.

We’re a small organization, undertaking big legal actions against powerful institutions. Will you make a donation today to help us challenge this big power?

Join us in demanding change

Time and time again we hear stories from individuals and families impacted by police violence. They experience violations of their rights, and have difficulty getting justice afterwards.

When I hear these stories, I feel so enraged that this is the nature of policing and that police are not held to account for acting with impunity.

This is a time of reckoning for criminalizing systems. The system is... designed to fail us. Black, Indigenous, low-income and racialized people deserve better. Land defenders deserve better. People experiencing mental health distress deserve better. People forced to live on the streets deserve better.

Alongside partner organizations, we are resolute in our ongoing campaign to:

- Demand a complete ban on the racist and illegal practice of police street checks and end systemic racism in policing.

- Push ahead on our lawsuit against RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki.

- Call for an end to illegal spying and data collection by law enforcement.

- Advocate for civilian and independent police governance and police accountability bodies.

We cannot stand idly by. We want to see real change, and it’s going to take a fight. Will you make a donation and join us in demanding real change?

Join us in demanding change

With your donation, we’ll be able to:

  • Support individuals whose rights have been violated.
  • Keep our lawsuit against the RCMP going and argue in court for meaningful criminal law reform
  • Advocate alongside community groups most impacted by police violence.
  • Demand changes at the highest levels of government bodies overseeing police.

Real change will take a real fight. I hope you will join us in demanding it.

Thank you,

Harsha Walia (she/her)

Executive Director

P.S. Together, we can demand real change. Join us in challenging one of the most powerful institutions in our society – donate today to help us keep police accountable and reduce the scope of policing power.

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