Deadly silver mine

Xinka land defenders are risking their lives to fight Pan American Silver’s massive silver mine in Guatemala.

You can help support brave Indigenous Xinka land defenders who are putting their lives on the line to stop this destructive mine.

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Hired guns, death threats and sowing community division. These are just a few of the violent tactics that Indigenous Xinka resistors have faced as they try to stop Pan American Silver’s Escobal silver mine.

Pan American Silver thinks no one in Canada cares what it does in Guatemala, but you can show Pan American Silver that isn’t true.

If Pan American Silver’s bosses know that the world is watching they’ll think twice about continuing to interfere in Xinka communities, fuelling conflict and violence.

Tell Pan American Silver to respect the Xinka people’s rights to self-determination without the threat of violence.

Violence, legal persecution and intimidation has already been used to impose this mine against the community’s... will in Guatemala. In 2017, then owners of the Escobal mine, Tahoe Resources was ordered to suspend all operations until the Xinka people could be properly consulted.

Now violence is on the rise again and Pan American Silver is refusing to suspend its community relations at the Escobal project, which heightens tension and fosters division.

Sign today and support the Xinka’s fight for their home.

SumOfUs has been supporting the Xinka’s fight since 2019 when we delivered a hard-hitting petition directly to the CEO in front of all the company’s shareholders.

Now they need your support again. Demand that Pan American Silver respect the Xinka people’s right to be freely consulted on the mine without fear of violence or threats.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Amelia and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

195 international organizations denounce latest attacks against members of the Peaceful Resistance to Escobal mine, Resist Escobal 21 January 2021
Backgrounder on Escobal Mine, (opens a PDF file) EarthWorks, 20 February 2021

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