Transit Justice Struggles in Toronto: Statement on the TTC Fare Review

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Transit Justice Struggles in Toronto:
Statement on the TTC Fare Review

Free Transit Toronto

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is developing a 5-year fare policy review and plan, along with a 10-year “collection” outlook, both to be included in a policy framework by the end of 2021. A relevant TTC document claims that:

“The 5-Year Fare Policy will explore all fare options ranging from zero-fare to full-cost recovery. The work will identify and establish the relative priorities of policy goals, such as equity, affordability, revenue, and ridership. It will also identify constraints and opportunities in the current fare structure that influence fare policy decision making. All TTC fare policies, some... of which date back decades will be reconsidered.”

We certainly welcome a thorough review and long-term plan for fares. We want to weigh in, from our perspective, which envisions a future without fares. Other, unstated but highly important elements such as fare integration, fare-by-distance, and possibly fares differentiated by transit modes also deserve comment.

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