Myanmar's bloody crackdown

Myanmar's military is murdering peaceful protesters -- and they're doing it with billions in support from gas and oil companies like Total and Chevron.

Local activists are calling on the companies to urgently suspend payments to the military until democracy is restored -- let's show that people all around the world are backing them up.

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Myanmar's military has staged a coup and is murdering hundreds of peaceful protesters, including children -- and they're doing it with billions in support from oil and gas companies like Total and Chevron.

Oil and gas is the government's top funder. So while the US, UK, and others place sanctions on the military, these ruthless Generals will be unfazed as long as they have the support of energy giants.

Activists in Myanmar are urgently calling on the companies to end their support to the military -- let's show that people all around the world are backing them up:

Total and Chevron:... stop supporting the bloodbath in Myanmar

Oil and gas contribute $1.1 billion a year to the now-military-controlled government. Activists are calling on companies to stop these payments and put the contributions into a conditional account, to be released when democracy is restored. We know this is feasible -- it's been done before during other global conflicts. Total and Chevron could suspend direct payments to the military, but only if there's enough pressure to do so.

The military is proudly proclaiming they aren't impacted by sanctions by the US, UK, and EU. That's not only because of the continued support of China, Singapore, and others -- Total paid the government at least $412 million in 2019, making them possibly the largest single backer out there.

If corporations don't pull their funding, government sanctions will amount to nothing. Let's help activists in Myanmar pull the plug on the military's corporate backers:

Total and Chevron: end support for the Myanmar coup

We know companies like Total are sensitive to pressure. It's why they hire lobbyists and PR firms in every corner of the world to control their reputations. But thousands of SumOfUs members can’t be silenced, and we will pull out all the stops to make sure execs hear our call.

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