Macron wants to blow up the Arctic

France wants to destroy the Arctic!

French President Macron is about to do the unthinkable and guarantee Total's new Arctic gas megaproject -- to the tune of €700 million.

Total's plans directly threaten the survival of Indigenous people and will drive runaway climate change.

Tell Macron to pull the plug on Total's Arctic drilling ambitions!

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French oil giant Total wants to pump the equivalent of 535,000 barrels of oil per day from under the Arctic's fragile ice.

Total’s planned Arctic gas megaproject is set to become one of the most polluting projects in the world -- and financial backing of the French government could make it a reality.

France’s President Macron likes to show off his green credentials, even calling Total’s project "incoherent" and "reckless".

But away from the TV cameras, he’s about to quietly grant a €700 million loan guarantee to Total.

This dirty double-dealing must stop, and we need to move fast before Macron’s final decision. Macron is obsessed with his... international image, a global public outcry will definitely embarrass him. A, if we stand together, we can still stop him becoming a Total Arctic Destroyer. Will you join this global action?

Tell Macron to withdraw from Total's deadly Arctic project and stick to his international climate commitments!

The Arctic is home to Indigenous communities like the Gwich'in, the Inuit, and the Sámi. It also shelters many endangered species like polar bears, narwhals & penguins.

Total's plan will assault the Arctic landscape and life with methane explosions, pollution and more deadly heat waves.

A, there is still time to stop the escalating melting of the Arctic ice. Together we can push world leaders like Macron -- always first in line to sign climate agreements -- to stop funding destructive drilling by corporations like Total.

If we make the French government back off today, we’ll send a strong message to other heads of state: That we, the global public, won't tolerate public money being used to finance our destruction!

Tell Macron to put his money where his mouth is when it comes to climate action and not guarantee Total's gas mega-project.

Across France, SumOfUs members like you have joined with our partners at 350 to make the French government think twice -- for now. But Macron is most sensitive to international opinion, so they need your help to expose his double-dealing on climate to the world.

Over the past year, SumOfUs members have been holding our governments to account on the climate crisis — rallying our world leaders to stop pouring public recovery money into the worst polluters’ pockets.

Now we have the chance to do that again, and stop the French government financing arctic oil drilling. No more climate talk, we want climate action:

Tell Macron to stop bankrolling Total and throwing money at oil or gas drilling in the Arctic!

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Thanks for all that you do,
Leyla and the team at SumOfUs

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