Climate Mobilization in View of the COP26

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Climate Mobilization in View of the COP26

International Committee of the Fourth International

1. Disasters, of which extreme weather events linked to climate change are the main cause, have doubled in 20 years, killing more than 1.2 million people worldwide since 2000. Record summer temperatures in the Northern and the Southern Hemisphere (including the Arctic and Antarctica), deadly fires, exceptionally mild, snow-free winters in many areas, monsoon disturbance, more frequent and more extreme weather events: the climate catastrophe is underway. It is progressing faster than the projections, mainly due to the underestimation of the positive feedbacks from global warming. Megafires in Australia have illustrated the major danger of a... chain of these feedbacks leading to a rapid and irreversible change in the climate regime. This would notably raise the ocean level by several meters, with terrible consequences for hundreds of millions of human beings, mainly in Asia and Africa, not to mention the disappearance of many island states.

2. As the threat is growing ever faster, the formal decision taken at COP21 (Paris) to “keep global warming well below 2°C while continuing efforts not to exceed 1.5°C compared to the pre-industrial era” has not been implemented even now. COP24 (Katowicze) and COP25 (Madrid), increasingly openly sponsored by capitalist investors, ended in failure. Those mainly responsible are the governments of the United States, China, Brazil and Australia, as well as Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies. But, beyond the climate-deniers’ blocking manoeuvres, it is fundamentally the impossibility of a green capitalism which is revealed through these failures. Warming cannot be limited below 1.5°C (and even below 2°C) without getting to the root of the problem: capitalist accumulation based on the war of competition for profit, in other words the capitalist mode of production / distribution / consumption based on private property and the exploitation of labour power (which also involves the exploitation of other natural resources).

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