We are not backing down - RCMP Lawsuit Update

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Nearly seven years.

That is how long the BCCLA had to wait for a response to its complaint on RCMP spying due to the RCMP Commissioner’s extreme delay.

In November 2020, we sued the RCMP Commissioner for her extreme delay which prevented the release of the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission (CRCC) report on our complaint. Today, we filed our written argument.

We’re telling the court that the RCMP Commissioner’s unreasonable delay in responding to the CRCC report breached her obligations under the RCMP Act and violated the BCCLA’s Charter right to freedom of expression. Delays have plagued the complaints system for over a decade, and it is time to hold the RCMP to account.

The CRCC report concerns a complaint the BCCLA filed in 2014 against the RCMP for illegally spying on Indigenous and climate justice advocates opposed to the Northern Gateway pipeline. Due to the RCMP Commissioner’s extreme delay, the CRCC was not able to release its report until... the end of 2020. It was released after we filed our lawsuit against the RCMP Commissioner.

Will you make a $30 donation towards our lawsuit to hold the RCMP Commissioner accountable for this inexcusable delay?


Extreme delays have been the hallmark of the CRCC complaints process for over a decade. As of January 18, 2021, there were still 156 interim reports by the CRCC awaiting a response from the RCMP Commissioner.

That’s 156 groups of survivors, loved ones, and community members waiting for justice and responsibility.

This is unacceptable. The RCMP Commissioner should not be allowed to completely frustrate the complaints process by sitting on a report for years on end. There are serious consequences for such delays, including many cases where RCMP members have retired before the CRCC’s report on a complaint against them was completed.

How can we trust the process that is supposed to keep the RCMP accountable when we know our complaints may not be making any real, substantial impact?

Enough is enough. We need to hold the RCMP Commissioner accountable for these systemic delays. Court processes are long and complicated. They require time, resources, and creative tactics. You can make a donation of $30 to join our fight.

We want the system to be radically changed. Thank you for joining us in this fight.


Jessica Magonet (she/her/hers)

Staff Counsel (Litigation)

P.S. With your help, we can hold the RCMP Commissioner accountable for these inexcusable systemic delays. Please make a contribution today.

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