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An exciting update r1 ... The Narwhal's masthead image Editor-in-chief Emma Gilchrist looks out on a bridge while rocking a Narwhal tote bag Dear PAOV,

Today, I have some really exciting news to share.

The story begins back in the fall of 2017, when I travelled to Ottawa to give a talk on how to modernize Canada’s charity regulations to address the challenges of the 21st century. Sounds boring, right? Stick with me.

Inside an imposing brick building a short walk from Parliament Hill, I told an audience of policymakers they needed to dream bigger. Sharing examples from around the world, I made the case that Canada should allow nonprofit news organizations to issue charitable tax receipts.

After my talk, a senior leader in the charitable sector walked up to me and told me I should save my breath. He said I’d never see journalism qualify for a charitable tax deduction in my lifetime.

Well, guess what? He was wrong.

The Narwhal just became the first English-language news organization in the country to receive a new federal status for journalism organizations that allows us to issue charitable tax receipts.

Contributions to The Narwhal now qualify for a tax receipt, which means you’ll get up to half of your money back on your tax return.

Thank you for helping us reach this watershed moment. We never would have gotten here without the dedicated support of readers like you who put their faith in us in these first few years.

To celebrate this moment, we’re offering a free Narwhal tote bag to the next 200 people who sign up as monthly members.
Yes, make me a member of The Narwhal! Tusks up,

Emma Gilchrist

P.S. Remember: your contributions now earn you a tax receipt, which means you’ll get up to half of your money back. Bonus: the first 200 new members to sign up will get a limited edition Narwhal tote bag!

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