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Amidst all the uncertainty we’re facing in 2021, one thing is crystal clear: Justin Trudeau is failing to tackle the climate crisis. His climate targets are well below what scientists say we need, he has failed to seriously cut emissions over six years in office, he has broken promises to deliver on a Just Transition Act, and so much more.

We can’t afford to wait for Justin Trudeau to start governing like we’re in a climate emergency.

Nor can we wait several years for the NDP or the Green Party to build enough power to form a government.

But if the NDP and the Green Party worked together, they could elect as many climate champions as possible, then use their combined power to pass bold legislation in the House of Commons.

That’s why today, with a snap election on the horizon, we’re calling for a Climate Emergency Alliance between the NDP and the Green Party.

A Climate Emergency Alliance could be a game-changer.

A Climate Emergency Alliance would shine a light on the scale of the climate crisis – and Justin Trudeau’s failure to meet it. An unprecedented, historic alliance would... be among the most discussed political issues of the day, forcing Trudeau’s lack of action on climate into the spotlight.

A Climate Emergency Alliance will elect more climate champions who can work together to pass bold legislation. Under our broken first-past-the-post voting system, climate delayers and deniers get elected in ridings where most people want bold climate action. By unifying the climate vote behind strong climate champions, this Alliance helps elect enough leaders to pass the kind of legislation we need.

Will you stand with us? Sign the petition to call on federal Green Party Leader Annamie Paul and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh to form a Climate Emergency Alliance.

There are, no doubt, partisan reasons to oppose this Alliance. But with climate scientists giving us less than ten years to avert complete climate catastrophe, we can’t afford to let partisanship rule the day.

There is also widespread support for this idea. When we sent out a survey asking all of you whether we should run this campaign, over 93% of respondents -- a mix of Green, NDP, and Liberal supporters — “agreed” or “strongly agreed” that the NDP and the Green Party should work together to tackle the climate emergency.

Add your voice to show Annamie Paul and Jagmeet Singh that they need to put people and the planet above toxic partisanship.

Need to read a little more before you join in? We’ve prepared a document that makes the Case for a Climate Emergency Alliance. Check it out here.



P.S. We’re holding a launch event this Friday, April 9th, at 2pm Pacific / 5 pm Eastern. RSVP now to reserve your spot.

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