Activate you BCCLA Sustaining Membership now.

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Activate your Sustaining Membership now.

Dear Friend,

Every day I read your emails and notes expressing how important this work is to you.

Sometimes you tell us why it is important to you. Your loved one was able to access MAID. You experienced mistreatment by law enforcement. You were an activist against human rights violations in the country you emigrated from.

The scope of civil liberties and human rights work in Canada is so broad that you know it directly impacts your life in at least one way. You also know that the work to protect, maintain, defend, and expand your rights can take a long time.

Will you activate a Sustaining Membership to keep this work going over the months and years?

Become a Sustaining Member today.

The monthly donation linked to your... Sustaining Membership means we will never have to stop fighting for your rights. With a donation starting at only $5 per month, you can support the BCCLA in its work to:

-Challenge unjust laws directly in the courts;

-Monitor the government and private sector for issues that threaten your civil liberties;

-Educate youth and community members on their rights and freedoms.

The membership that is included in your monthly donation stays valid for as long as your monthly donations continue. That means your Sustaining Membership ensures that you are always eligible to vote in the BCCLA Annual General Meeting and to run for a seat on the BCCLA Board.

As a Sustaining Member, you know that civil liberties and human rights work in Canada directly affects you and your loved ones and you are committed to continuing that work well into the future.

Activate your Sustaining Membership now.

With your support, the BCCLA can have staying power.

Thank you for all the ways you sustain the BCCLA. Thank you for your words of encouragement and gratitude. Thank you for your commitment to stand together now and in the future.


Jennifer MacNeil


Donor Relations Associate

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