This is our chance

Since we launched our bold new election campaign, the response has been huge!


Dear PAOV,

Since we launched our bold new Climate Emergency Alliance campaign, the response has been huge!

Already, we have a clear path to victory in this election. Here's why:

  • We have a powerful climate movement. In the past few days, more than 3,385 climate activists have signed our petition calling on the NDP and the Green Party to form a Climate Emergency Alliance.
  • We have momentum. Hundreds of supporters across Canada participated in our kick-off event. Each event will only get bigger from here on out.
  • We have YOU. Since Wednesday, our climate movement has raised $16,654 from more than 400 individual donations. No Big Money. No corporate contributions. Just ordinary people.

We're in an incredible position right now, but there's still a ton of work to do before the election kicks off. And with the election around the corner any day now, we need to keep our momentum going:

Can we count on you to make... a $3.50 donation — or whatever you can afford — so we can create an unprecedented Climate Emergency Alliance between the NDP and the Green Party?

The overwhelming response to our Climate Emergency Alliance campaign has put us in a great position to end the political gridlock that's preventing us from acting at the scale the climate crisis demands. But I'll be honest: it's going to take a lot of hard work and resources to get to the finish line.

It's painfully obvious that we can't afford to wait for Justin Trudeau to start governing like we're in a climate emergency. That's why we've set an ambitious goal of raising $30,000 for our Climate Emergency Alliance fund so we can win a Climate Emergency Alliance and elect dozens more climate champions who WILL work together to pass bold climate legislation. We know that the next federal election could be called any day now. So we want to make sure we're ready.

This is our chance to transform our politics and defeat the fossil fuel industry. But only if we're in it together.


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