E-News: Local Green New Deals gaining steam / Long-term Care Standards Now! / A win in Ottawa and more...

E-News: Local Green New Deals gaining steam / Long-term Care Standards Now! / A win in Ottawa and more... r1 ...

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Stop the federal subsidy for Goldboro LNG!

Pieridae Energy — the company behind Goldboro LNG — has asked the federal government for nearly one billion dollars to get their dangerous liquified natural gas (LNG) project off the ground.

The company has been aggressively lobbying key ministers, MPs, and government staff to secure a financing agreement that could kickstart further investment in the project.

To learn more about the Goldboro LNG project, read our analysis post here.

We have an opportunity to stop our federal government from bankrolling Big Oil—but we need to act together, and quickly.

Go here to write a letter to key ministers –  as well as your own MP – to let them know that we want to see funding for a just transition, not LNG.

Then, on May 10th, join us for a virtual webinar to learn more about Goldboro LNG and the risks it poses to our climate, communities, and our democracy. You can register for the event here.

WIN! City of Ottawa takes steps to protect water from nuke dump

Thanks to you and over 700 other Council supporters in Ottawa who wrote and called their city councillors over the past two months, city council has taken its first steps to protect the Ottawa River (our drinking water source) from the risk of being contaminated by the proposed nuclear waste dump upstream at Chalk River.

On April 14, Ottawa city council passed all the resolutions proposed by the environment committee without watering them down. This is the first time that Ottawa City Council has taken a position on this critical issue and it is no coincidence that it happened soon after our Ottawa Chapter started working with local allies to amplify their years of effort.

Long-term Care Standards Now!

After promising to establish national standards for long-term care in response to the tragic outcomes of COVID-19, the federal government has now washed its hands of that responsibility. It is instead passing the buck to a toothless accreditation industry to create updated standards. 

This band-aid solution is voluntary, non-enforceable, and unregulated. It has not prevented COVID deaths. And it’s a far cry from what experts, advocates, and many residents, staff, and family members of those in care homes have long been asking for.

Read more here about why accreditation is no substitute for federal legislation.

On April 27, hundreds of people attended the digital rally that we co-hosted with the Canadian Health Coalition. If you missed it, you can watch the video here!

We need to keep up pressure on the federal government to institute meaningful changes and bring LTC under strong national standards and eliminate for-profit care. Call on your MP to implement meaningful national standards, now!

Coal mining in Alberta and the threat to Prairies water

Eight new coal mining developments are slated to take place on the eastern slopes of the Rockies, at the headwaters of major rivers and tributaries that supply water to millions of people across the Prairies.

Together with a coalition of concerned citizens and groups across the Prairies, we’ve sent a letter to Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Jonathan Wilkinson, asking him to launch a comprehensive review of the impacts of these proposed coal mining projects on the region’s water.

You can read that letter here.

The water flowing from the Rockies sustains food production, drinking water supplies, recreation, tourism, and ecosystems of the foothills and prairies in Southern Alberta and on into Saskatchewan and Manitoba. That’s why the governments of Canada, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba signed an agreement in 1969 to make sure these shared waters are equitably allocated and protected.

But the planned mining jeopardizes everything that agreement stands for.

Read more about the agreement, and why coal mining impacts communities across the Prairies here.

A group of students led Brescia to ban plastic water bottle sales and become a Blue Community

Clara Prentice, a second year student at Brescia University College, said the students decided to become a Blue Community after a visit from Canadian Environmentalist, former chairperson of the Council of Canadians, and Brescia chancellor Maude Barlow last year.

Local Green New Deals gaining steam

On Earth Day this year, we celebrated our collective power to protect people and the planet.

Our federal and provincial governments have failed to match the scale and urgency of the climate crisis. 

In its most recent budget, the federal government once again succumbed to magical thinking on the climate crisis. Rather than rolling out a plan to begin a managed wind-down of the fossil fuel industry, it doubled down on business as usual, giving more funding to big polluters and falling back on unproven technologies like Carbon Capture and Storage.  

Read our analysis of the federal budget’s climate (in)action here.

But while our leaders have failed to recognize the emergency we are in, the good news is that local communities are organizing to take things into their own hands and winning the transformative changes we need.  

Three municipalities in Canada — Vancouver, Halifax, and Cumberland — have already won major victories in passing local Green New Deals.

You can read about those efforts here.

Across Canada, the U.S., and the UK, 15 communities — a combined population of over 31 million people — have begun implementing local Green New Deals.

Community organizing can have a decisive impact on local climate justice policies and plans. And the more local Green New Deals we build, the closer we are to a safe climate future.

The Council of Canadians is providing direct support for campaigns led by local organizers and movements. We connect communities in different places to learn and develop strategies together and tell the story of our Green New Deal to broader movements and audiences.

If you want your community to be the next one to build a local Green New Deal,  get involved here.

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