The last man of the Juma tribe has died

Just one hundred years ago, some 15,000 Juma people lived in the Brazilian Amazon. Today, only a few are left.
Aruká Juma died on 17th February, 2021. © Gabriel Uchida Dear PAOV,

In February, Aruká Juma died after being taken ill with Covid-19. He was the last male member of his tribe.

Just one hundred years ago, some 15,000 Juma people lived in the Brazilian Amazon. Today, only a few are left.

Aruká was one of many thousands of indigenous people in Brazil to be struck by the disease. Their territories should logically have offered protection but President Bolsonaro encouraged invaders entering and spreading the virus. Worse, he has actively blocked healthcare to indigenous communities.

This unspeakable cruelty is not a one-off. Bolsonaro is presiding over the most anti-indigenous government in decades, and there are countless examples of his attempts to crush tribal peoples.

What’s happening in Brazil is genocide. Entire peoples are being destroyed while the machinery of the state either stands by, or actively promotes policies that kill indigenous people.
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More than half of Yanomami women and children in one region had dangerous levels of mercury in their bodies from illegal gold mining – while Bolsonaro tries to open up indigenous territories to large-scale mining. Long-time Survival friend and Amazon Guardian, Paulo Paulino Guajajara, was assassinated by loggers, one death among many – while the President actively encourages attacks against indigenous communities.

Aruká’s history shows how forced contact leads to entire peoples being wiped out – while Bolsonaro states that uncontacted tribes should be forcibly contacted and “integrated” into the rest of society.

Survival is working with tribal peoples across Brazil to stop this genocide: lobbying for their land rights, denouncing human rights abuses, putting pressure on politicians, investigating and confronting atrocities, supporting legal efforts, and bringing the world’s attention to the critical situation. Please give whatever you can to support this vital campaign.
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