Urgent: Israel

The Israeli government's deadly attacks against Palestinians must be stopped. But there is only one ally Israel will listen to: the United States.

Tell President Biden to urgently stand up to the Israeli government's human rights abuses.

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The Israeli military just bombed Gaza -- killing dozens of people including 9 children.

Now all eyes are on Israel’s closest ally: the United States. This is President Biden’s first test on the Israel/Palestine issue, and so far he’s flunking it.

But pressure is building on Biden, and now even members of Congress are calling on the administration to do more than issue empty statements.

From suspending aid, to labeling settlement products -- the administration must use all available options to pressure the Israeli government to stop its deadly attacks. Let’s create a huge global call on Biden, and when enough people join, we'll unleash a media blitz with our message.

Tell Biden: stand up to the Israeli government

For the past several weeks, Israeli security forces have been attacking Palestinian protesters who are demanding an end to the forced evictions of families in East Jerusalem. The evictions are so that Israel can build more illegal settlements.

This oppressive regime has complete control over Palestinians -- from access to land, water, aid, and even movement. Make no mistake that it is the Israeli government's brutal occupation and policies that have resulted in this ongoing crisis.

President Biden can either continue to shamefully remain complicit in the Israeli government's human rights abuses, or he can finally take strong, decisive action that shows Israel that this brutal crackdown has consequences.

Tell Biden: stand up to the Israeli government

The SumOfUs community will keep fighting for fairness, equality, and freedom in every corner of the world. Let’s do it now, for those in Palestine who are being brutalized by an oppressive government day in and day out.

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