Even a Big Oil cheerleader agrees with us

3 things you can do in response to the big news from the IEA today.



Today, the International Energy Agency, a notoriously pro-fossil fuel organization, made a surprising move. In a landmark report, the IEA confirmed that building or investing in any new fossil fuel projects is dangerously out of step with securing a safe climate. 1

We’ve been saying these things for a long time. But, now, even some of Big Oil’s biggest allies agree. This has three major implications for Canadian climate politics.2 Let me break them down for you:

First, this report makes it clear that we cannot afford to waste any more public money on fossil fuel projects. In particular, we simply cannot spend another dollar on the Trans Mountain pipeline. The costs of the TMX pipeline are ballooning every day and the IEA report is further proof that backing this project means breaking Canada’s climate commitments. Now is as good a time as any to tell the Trudeau government to... defund the Trans Mountain pipeline once and for all.

Second, Canada is falling further and further behind on legislating a just transition away from fossil fuels. It’s been 2 years since Justin Trudeau promised a Just Transition Act. But his government keeps dragging its feet when it comes to this critical legislation. We’ve heard that Minister Seamus O’Regan is “working on it” but he hasn’t provided a timeline or a sense of urgency. Let’s make sure he knows that workers and communities across the country need action now. Flood Minister O’Regan’s phone line with demands for immediate action on the promised Just Transition Act.

Finally, it’s clear that something big needs to shift in Canadian climate politics in order for us to actually see action that meets the scale of the climate emergency. That’s why we’re doubling down on our campaign calling for a Climate Emergency Alliance between the Green party and NDP. We know that an unprecedented alliance is the only way to elect bold climate champions who have the power to drive change in Parliament. This campaign already has the support of thousands of people across the country but today we’re taking it to the next level. We’re calling on Green Party and NDP supporters across the country to hold back their donations for both parties until their leaders respond to the demand for a Climate Emergency Alliance. Take the “No Donate Pledge” now.

In Canada, IEA forecasts have been a huge part of how governments and regulators justify their support for tar sands and other fossil fuel expansion. But today’s report makes it clear that Canadian politicians are running out of validators to back their pro-fossil fuel agenda. 2

Let’s make sure they feel the heat of this moment. We don’t often ask you to do more than one thing in one email but this felt like the kind of moment where one action isn’t enough.

In respect and peace,


PS - Later today, I'm going to go live on Instagram with my colleague Chris to break down the next stage in our Climate Emergency Alliance campaign. If you want to learn more, join us at the top of the hour at 5pm Eastern on the 350 Canada Instagram page.

1. The New Yorker: The International Energy Agency issues a landmark statement about fossil fuels

2. 350 Canada: Three things people in Canada need to know about today’s big International Energy Agency 1.5C report

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