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Right now, in the province of Alberta, there are 8 new open-pit mining projects in the works on the eastern slopes of the Rockies, and the federal government is doing nothing about it.

Ottawa is essentially shrugging its collective shoulders: “It’s not our problem,” they say. But it is. Open-pit mining would not only wreak environmental havoc in Alberta, but it would also transcend provincial boundaries and compromise the eco-systems and watersheds of multiple provinces. And that makes it a federal problem.

Correcting our course on the climate crisis means there must be emissions reductions by 2025 here in Canada. To reach this lofty goal, our governments must drastically reduce reliance on fossil fuels, including coal.

Our government made a promise 6 years ago to stop the deadly advancement of global warming and it’s up to us to hold them to that promise. You can start today by donating to the Council of Canadians.


This crisis cannot be underestimated.

Open-pit coal mining pollutes water, destroys essential habitat and biodiversity, threatens the health of people downstream, and takes us backwards in the fight to address climate change. Extracting coal releases heat-trapping greenhouse gases and plays a major role in climate change.

Today I’m asking you to work alongside us as we keep the pressure on our governments to cease their reliance on coal. We’re mobilizing tens of thousands of people from coast to coast to coast, so give today – the ecological threat to everyone in this country is real, and your support is urgently needed.
DONATE NOW Thanks to the loud opposition of more than 25,000 Albertans, the Alberta government has temporarily paused exploration in ecologically-sensitive areas. But we know that coal mining in any area jeopardizes all connected ecosystems and waterways, so we need your help to stop coal mining altogether. Here’s what the Council of Canadians wants to see:
  1. A shift away from coal, starting with ending all coal exploration and mining in Alberta.
  2. Decisions being made without the lure of big business and big money getting in the way of the health of the environment, water, and the people of this country.
  3. Meaningful consultation, including with Indigenous communities and all who are directly impacted by the threat of coal mining.
  4. Action that reflects that this is a national crisis. The adverse effects of coal do not respect borders, and a national crisis deserves a national action plan.
With you by our side, we can win this fight and make both the provincial and federal governments take their environmental responsibilities seriously, so give today.

Generations of my family were coal miners, but I know that we must embrace the idea of a future without coal. Help the Council of Canadians and take action.


John Cartwright, Chairperson

PS: Open pit coal mining in Alberta takes us backwards. It shouldn’t be allowed in Canada. Give to the Council of Canadians today and support a future without coal.

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