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It’s time to put pressure on French President Macron to drop funding for Big Oil giant Total's destructive project in the Arctic.

Thanks to your support, this morning, we’re heading to the French Ministry of Economy to hand over your signatures in a very spectacular way!

It's a surprise, so we can’t tell you more just now but, A, to strengthen our stunt, you can also act by directly calling out Macron and the French government on social media.

A, can you tell Emmanuel Macron, that the world doesn’t want him to finance the destruction of our planet?

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190,000 signatures have already raised the alarm on a matter that has so far been kept well hidden from the public.

These last few months, French President Macron has talked a lot but done literally nothing about climate chaos. Even worse, while he himself warned that participating in melting the Arctic ice "would kill us all", he is now ready to write a blank check to... help Big Oil giant Total do exactly that.

Support our stunt on social media by flooding the Twitter accounts and Facebook pages of Macron and his ministers!

Send a tweet

Don't have Twitter? No problem. You can also go to the Facebook account of the Ministry of the Economy or of the Minister of the Economy himself and leave one of the comments below one of their latest posts :

  • Macron: Stop funding fossil fuel projects in the Arctic! #StopTotalArctic
  • STOP supporting Total's destructive projects in the Arctic! Prove to us that you still care about the environment! #StopTotalArctic
  • Where is your commitment to protect the Arctic ??? It’s a disgrace that you support Total's destruction of the Arctic! #StopTotalArctic
  • Have you ever heard of the Green New Deal? What is this plan to put public money at the disposal of oil companies so they can destroy the Arctic? #StopTotalArctic
  • At a time when people seriously talk about Green New Deal style recovery, you decide to give public funds to Big Oil giant Total to go and destroy our planet? What a shame! #StopTotalArctic
  • We didn’t expect much from you anymore Macron, but are you really going to finance Total's destruction of the Arctic? With your people’s taxes? #StopTotalArctic
  • Are you aware that France is going to give millions to Big Oil so it can destroy the Arctic? It is unacceptable! You must do something now! #StopTotalArctic
  • It’s a shame that you’re financing the destruction of the Arctic by Big Oil giant Total! #StopTotalArctic
  • Don’t you mind giving millions to Big Oil company Total so it can destroy the Arctic? #StopTotalArctic
  • For France to not finance the destruction of the Arctic by Big Oil, would be the bare minimum ... Right? #StopTotalArctic
  • The French State is financially supporting the destruction of the Arctic by Total's gas mega projects. It is YOUR responsibility. #StopTotalArctic
  • A €700 million gift to Big Oil giant Total to help destroy the Arctic? Thanks but no thanks President Macron! #StopTotalArctic
  • Do you remember when Emmanuel Macron was posing as a green hero on the global stage? Yeah… that's over now... He wants to give €700 million to Big Oil giant Total so it can destroy the Arctic for profit... #StopTotalArctic
  • The ice in the Arctic is melting at breakneck speed, creating catastrophic ecological and health issues for humanity. But things are not going fast enough for French President Macron who wants to finance its destruction by Total… #StopTotalArctic
  • Stop supporting Big Oil giant Total’s plans to destroy the Arctic! #StopTotalArctic
  • Emmanuel Macron and Big Oil, hand in hand to destroy the Arctic! Isn't that beautiful? But for real, funding one of the worst gas projects in fragile Arctic lands, French president Macron has no shame. #StopTotalArctic
  • He doesn’t care about polar bears and ice floes. What matters to Emmanuel Macron is that Big Oil makes more profits! That's why he's giving Total €700 million! #StopTotalArctic
  • With €700 million we could finance medical research, hospitals, a Green New Deal, education... But no, Emmanuel Macron would rather use them to support Total‘s destructive projects in the Arctic. #StopTotalArctic
  • The French government's priority? Right here and now ? Invest €700 million of public money to help Big Oil giant Total blow up the Arctic. #StopTotalArctic
  • French government wants to endanger the survival of Indigenous populations and endangered Arctic species, such as polar bears, by funding Big Oil giant Total's new gas project. Is there nothing better to do? #StopTotalArctic

Thanks for all that you do,
Leyla and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

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