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PAOV — “Music is a lifeline, don’t let the district take this away.” Petition starter Coral is urging the Greater Victoria School District (SD61) to cancel proposed cuts to music education funding, fearing the impact this will have on students. More than 20,000 people have signed Coral’s petition — if you agree, add your name.

School District #61 - Don’t deprive students of an education in music.

20,529 have signed Coral Lemay’s petition. Let’s get to 25,000!

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  • (The donations that is asking for do not go towards the music program, they go to the website itself). Read the following:

The Greater Victoria school district has budgeted to remove $1.3 million in funding to the fine arts programs. They are looking to remove their elementary strings programs, and all middle school programs until grade 8. In their high schools, they want to significantly decrease the number of options within their music programs.


The consequences of the school boards actions will be faced by the students and teachers, not the district.

Many current and former students who have participated in the districts music programs say that music “literally saved [their] life”.

Music is a lifeline for students. Music is the reason some wake up in the mornings. Especially during this pandemic, music serves as a form of therapy.
If you cut elementary and middle school programs altogether, you are going to see a significant decrease in students showing up to school everyday. Even if you still have high school programs, you’re starting a student off from square one, leading to an unfortunate decline in musicians.

If the district goes through with this, they will be cracking the stepping stones towards their students futures. Some of those stepping stones will completely shatter.

Music is a lifeline,

Dont let the district take this away.

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