Justice for Animals Rescued From Montrose Rd in Niagara Falls, ON

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Justice for Animals Rescued From Montrose Rd in Niagara Falls, ON

Jasmin Sewell started this petition to John Greer, Jim Diodati, Sylvia Jones, Provincial Animal Welfare Services, Paula Milne and it now has 40,240 signatures

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On the early evening of March 18th of 2021, Humane Society Officials received reports of a dog running loose in Niagara Falls, ON Canada on Montrose Road. Two local Niagara Region male residents found the dog after almost hitting it with their vehicle and attempted to return the dog to a nearby residence, where it appeared to have come from.

Upon stepping onto the property, the two men were faced with plenty of scrapped vehicles and other debris that resembled that of a "junkyard". As they made their way towards the back of the property to check for signs of the owner, they made a heart-shattering discovery which happened to be dozens of dogs in outdoor make-shift kennels and "shelters". There were no signs of food or water in said kennels and the dogs were living in not just the filth of the yard - but in their own feces.

One of the men recorded video evidence of the property with his cellphone and took to social media, to shine light on the very real and deeply disturbing situation at hand. The man originally posted the video on his Facebook with a caption explaining how the two men came about finding the dog that ultimately led to this discovery. In the video, the man is heard talking about the living conditions and severity of the situation, while doing a walkthrough the property to show physical evidence of what both gentlemen were witnessing firsthand. The video not only shows the amount of filth, garbage, and scraps scattered throughout the property, but the dozens of dogs both locked in make-shift kennels and walking loosely. The cries for help of the dogs can be heard throughout the entirety of the video, making it that much more heartbreaking to watch. Given that the dogs all happened to be the same breed and various ages, it had become clear that this was very likely an illegal puppy mill operation.

After just moments of the video being posted to the social media platform, it quickly gained hundreds and then thousands of views and attention from the community - some individuals of which don’t even live in the province.

The video was quickly followed by multiple reports to the authorities, PAWS (Provincial Animal Welfare Services Act), and local Humane Societies, who eventually made it out to the property, at which point multiple members of the community had already gathered to show their support for the dogs and their safety and came with food and water to help care for the dogs until help arrived. The Humane Society confirmed that this was not in fact a legally licensed kennel, and that the poor "housing" of these dogs went against the city’s animal control bylaw which states that no more than three dogs are allowed to be kept in a residence. Authorities were called in and were doing their best to keep members of the community off of the property and urging them to disperse due to safety reasons, and as they tried to locate the owners of the property. One of the owners of the property - being the main individual behind this operation was an older male who’d been discovered hiding in one of the many vehicles on the property, watching as a crowd gathered and authorities searched the premises. Authorities and Humane Society Executive Director, John Greer were eventually able to speak to the older male about the gruesome situation at hand, where they had convinced him to surrender his rights of owning the dogs over to the Humane Society, otherwise he would be faced with charges and potential jail time. The Niagara Falls Fire Department also arrived on scene to provide lighting assistance, as it was now after dark, to help the Animal Welfare officials remove the dogs from the property.

At that point, there were said to be 23 dogs - 18 adults and 5 puppies that were discovered and removed from the property later that same evening and taken to the Niagara Falls shelter, where they would undergo medical and behavioral evaluation along with a two week quarantine period before being available for adoption.

Now mind you, although we as a community felt relieved to know that the dogs were being surrendered - meaning they were getting a second chance at better and healthier lives, we will not stand for the owners getting off with a slap on the wrist and not having to face the consequences of their actions. We, as an entire community, are outraged by the many counts of animal cruelty associated in this discovery and have become heavily invested in this case as it continues to unfold.

Animal cruelty encompasses a range of behaviors that are harmful to animals, from neglect to mistreatment resulting in the death of an animal. Intentional cruelty consists of knowingly depriving an animal of food, water, proper shelter, socialization, and/or veterinary care to maliciously torturing, mutilating, or even killing an animal.

Although the owners have not appeared to mutilate, maliciously torture, or kill any of the dogs, there were still multiple cases of animal cruelty in play here. The dogs were not only neglected of socialization but they were in poor overall living conditions between the condition of the property in and of itself, and being packed into small make-shift outdoor kennel-like enclosures in groups - where they were seen living in piles of their own feces. Given the large number of dogs on the property, there’s no way possible for them to have been inside the house which means that they likely spent their entire lives in these poorly composed kennels and enclosures, thus, resulting in them likely being outside in all weather conditions (heat, storms, the cold of winter) and not being suitable living conditions. Members of the community who’d arrived on scene before authorities and Animal Welfare officials, stated that the dogs appeared to be in a great amount of distress and that there were no signs of food or water, some dogs showed physical wounds and/or other physical signs of mistreatment/deformities and lack of veterinary care.

Many members of the community returned to the property the following two days to protest the arrest and appropriate charges to be served, as the owners should absolutely not be able to walk away from this without facing the proper consequences - especially given the many circumstances involved. Some of these local residents that attended the protest had confirmed the discovery of more dogs spotted that were still running loose at the property, in addition to what seemed to be newborn puppies scattered in tall grass as well, that appeared to be "dumped" around the property in what they’re wondering was the owner trying to "hide further evidence" as the investigation proceeds. Some community members also took photo and video evidence displaying the many carcasses of deceased dogs that were scattered throughout the property which only results in more curiosity and devastation from the public about what exactly was taking place and for just how long it’d been going on under the radar.

The more attention that this case has gotten, the more posts and comments that have widely spread across social media, the more physical evidence has risen to the surface and become public knowledge. As investigation and protests continue, we continue to see more and more being brought to the light with each passing day. Thus, there is now far too much evidence available out there in addition to a massive community who are fighting to be the voices for these helpless dogs, for authorities to ignore what’s at hand. To make matters worse, there were neighbors/relatives spotted on the property on Saturday, March 20th who were defending the owners and condoning their monstrous behaviors, were seen and filmed mocking and even at points - attacking/injuring peaceful protestors.

Enough is enough and something needs to be done. Justice NEEDS to be served for the mistreatment and animal cruelty involved in this case as absolutely no animal deserves that kind of life. So let us, as an animal loving community, come together even further and continue to put our voices to use by spreading the word and doing what we can to ensure that justice is served!


What Do We Want:
* For ALL of these dogs to be rescued from the property and properly cared for/given a second chance at life.✔️
* For authorities and Animal Welfare officials to do a deeper investigation on the situation before the closure of this case.
* For these sick human beings to be arrested and charged with ALL counts of animal cruelty and neglect that are involved in this case.
* For a permanent ban so that these people are never allowed to own another animal again, following this case.

What You Can Do To Help:
* Please sign and share this petition, so we can put pressure on authorities to arrest and press charges against the owners of this disgusting place. Share, share, share!
*If you come across anything like this or you find out more about this particular case, please make sure that you are reporting it to the proper authorities and organizations immediately.

*If you have your own physical evidence or wish to use your voice (safely and respectively while still getting your point across) in other ways to put pressure on authorities, you can e-mail them to Niagara Falls Mayor, Jim Diodati or Solicitor General of Ontario, Sylvia Jones.

*If you wish to donate to help towards the care of these dogs, you may do so at the link below:


We managed to bring enough attention to this case already by putting pressure on authorities and getting the majority of these dogs away from these people, and into a safe place, where they’ll be prepped to go to far more loving furever homes. Change is possible when we all come together and speak up for the humane treatment of these dogs, and to have the proper legal action taken!

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