Bill C-12: good news and bad news

This news makes the case for a Climate Emergency Alliance stronger than ever.



I’ve got some good news and bad news on Bill C-12 -- Canada’s climate accountability bill.

The good news is that after months of stalling this critical legislation, the Trudeau government is finally allowing it to move forward. It’s reached the final stage of committee review and will go to the House of Commons for a vote in the coming weeks. Even better, thanks to the climate movement and MPs in the Green Party and NDP, Bill C-12 is looking much stronger than its first iteration.

The bad news? This bill is nowhere close to strong enough.

Bill C-12 tells us a clear story. We can’t win real action on the climate crisis if the Green Party and NDP continue playing second fiddle to the Liberals. The case for a Climate Emergency Alliance between the Greens and NDP has never been stronger. Do you agree? Sign the petition.

Thanks to a big push... from the climate movement, and climate champions within the Green Party and NDP, there’s definitely been quite a bit of progress. First, our efforts ensured that the Net Zero Advisory body that this bill establishes wouldn’t have any fossil fuel executives on it. Then, we won a 2026 climate target which is a huge improvement on the 2030 target in the original text.

But, despite these improvements. Bill C-12 still lacks serious teeth if a government fails to meet its climate targets. And it’s still based on Justin Trudeau’s deeply flawed approach to “net-zero” emissions, relying on unproven techno-fixes and ineffective offset schemes rather than stopping fossil fuel expansion.

Imagine if, instead of a combined 27 seats, the NDP and Greens actually held the balance of power in the House of Commons. If the parties, together, could actually set the terms of debate from the outset. Instead of arguing over amendments and having to go to the Liberals as a junior partner, they could actually set terms well ahead of these debates. Aligned behind a shared vision of a Green New Deal for Canada, they could break us out of the choice between insufficient Liberal climate policies and non-existent Conservative ones.

That’s exactly what thousands of people across the country are demanding by calling for a Climate Emergency Alliance. Add your name now to demand a Climate Emergency Alliance between the Green Party and NDP.

If the two parties came together and formed a public Climate Emergency Alliance, they could win over 100 seats in the House of Commons. That’s far more than either party can win alone. This is possible. But, it requires the NDP and Greens to take off their partisan blinders and put people and the planet first.

Our campaign is building momentum but we need to demonstrate that people across the country stand with us. Sign the petition now to demand a Climate Emergency Alliance.



PS - Check out my blog to learn more about what Bill C-12 means for Canada’s climate politics.

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