Idle No More calls to #CancelCanadaDay

Idle No More calls to #CancelCanadaDay r1 Hi Paov Idle No More calls to #CancelCanadaDay
The recent discovery at Kamloops residential school has reminded us that Canada remains a country that has built its foundation on the erasure and genocide of Indigenous nations, including children. We refuse to sit idle while Canada’s violent history is celebrated.
We are once again calling on Indigenous land, water and sky protectors and allies to come together and disrupt the celebration. #CancelCanadaDay
Who: any individual, group or community who wants to challenge and disrupt Canada’s ongoing colonialism*

When: July 1st

Where: any traditional Indigenous territory, urban or rural, from coast to coast to coast

What: any action, such as banner drops, sit ins, round dances, service disruptions, ceremonies, #Landback camps, marches and rallies. Please adhere to COVID-19 precautions... specific to your region.

How: Gather together in person or virtually, plan your action, and share your event details on the INM Facebook event page. We encourage actions to include orange shirts, so long as it feels appropriate to do so. Please feel free to use any of the graphics included in this email for your promotional items, and use the hashtags: #CancelCanadaDay #NoPrideInGenocide #215 #JusticeForIndigenous
*please ensure you are centring Indigenous leadership in your organizing efforts. If Indigenous people in your community are already planning something, please find ways to support their existing efforts. Image
Image We will not celebrate the ongoing genocide within Canada against Indigenous people. Instead, we will gather to honour all of the lives lost to the Canadian state, including the many lives lost to residential schools. We will use our voices to support MMIWG2S, and to end land extraction and devastation, child welfare, birth alerts, forced sterilization, Police/RCMP brutality and all of the injustices that the settler-state has normalized on these lands.

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