Dollarama warehouse workers have put their lives in danger, especially during the pandemic. Workers and unions are calling Dollarama -- Canada’s Amazon.

Sign the petition before this week’s shareholder meeting to call on Dollarama to protect its warehouse workers!

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Dollarama’s warehouses are cramped and dangerous. Over 1,000 workers toil in close quarters as the company opens a new store each week to fuel its growing empire.

Most of these workers are new immigrants and asylum seekers and instead of being directly employed by Dollarama, they are hired as temps through agencies. This gives them virtually no rights or options to fight back against unsafe working conditions.

But we have a chance to help support these workers right now. Tomorrow is Dollarama’s Annual Meeting and a shareholder proposal is going to a vote demanding the company protect these workers. With your help, we can deliver a message of solidarity at tomorrow's meeting so these workers know... they’re not fighting alone.

Sign the petition to Dollarama: protect your warehouse workers!

Dollarama says its workers are temporary but many of these workers have worked there for years -- some more than a decade -- helping the company generate millions in profits while Dollorama never even recognize their basic rights. Here is a testimony from a former contractor at Dollarama who was fired during the pandemic:

“I've worked at Dollarama for years and I was treated like an animal. Then the pandemic hit and things got worse -- there were a lot of us working without social distancing and we had nothing provided, no protective equipment. There were a lot of workers that had COVID. We were told not to tell others. When I brought the situation to a supervisor, he told me to go home and that my agency would call. Just two hours later, I received a call from my agency telling me that my contract was over. So I lost my job because I was reporting a situation that was dangerous to everyone's health.”

-- Fired employee from Dollarama

With the stroke of a pen Dollarama could give these workers dignity and safety at work. Instead it decides to keep protecting its bottom line, undercutting worker safety to make bigger profits. A strong message from thousands of us could be what forces the company to finally step up and protect these workers once and for all.

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Because of the tireless work of workers and unions -- we are finally seeing some of the horrors that Amazon warehouse workers around the world. We now have a chance to speak out against “Canada’s Amazon” -- Dollarama, whose warehouses have some of the worst working conditions in the country.

And we know if we speak up against Dollarama -- it will listen. We won big last year when you spoke out against Dollarama’s labour practices. Because tens of thousands of you spoke up, we were able to extend hazard pay for its workers and a pay raise for its warehouse workers. Dollarama has continued its poor labour practices but we can fight for more rights for workers if we speak out now, before it's biggest day of the year.

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More information:

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Des employés de Dollarama dénoncent leurs conditions de travail, La Presse, Oct. 30th, 2020

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