Theres only one solution to right-wing disinformation: great journalism.

Right-wing conspiracy theories and disinformation are a very real threat to our democracy. The solution is great journalism.

The daily list of top-rated posts on Facebook are consistently dominated by right-wing propagandists like Ben Shapiro and Franklin Graham, and the No. 1 host on cable news is Tucker Carlson.

Meanwhile, 60 percent of Donald Trump voters still believe that the election was stolen, and a majority think that the January 6 attack on the Capitol was a false-flag operation organized to “make Trump look bad.”

Online conspiracy theories and disinformation may be profitable content for Facebook and Fox News, but they’re a real and growing threat to our democracy.

At The Intercept, we believe that the best solution to disinformation today continues to be truthful investigative journalism that pulls back the curtain to hold the powerful accountable.

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The internet may have changed how disinformation spreads, but powerful people lying to the public is nothing new. The tobacco industry lied about the relationship between cancer and cigarettes. Big Oil lied about global warming. Presidents have been lying about war since the dawn of the republic.

Were those lies any less damaging than Trump’s?

Right-wing disinformation gets more than five times more engagement than straight news at a time when newsrooms are being gutted by layoffs and falling revenue. Silicon Valley giants like Facebook and Twitter are siphoning off advertising dollars from media outlets while their algorithms replace genuine journalism with clickbait and outright falsehoods.

That’s why The Intercept is so critical. Our team of investigative journalists is on the front lines every day, uncovering the stories that a healthy democracy needs to flourish — and when our stories are shared widely, they provide a crucial antidote to the noxious falsehoods circulated by the right.

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