It's finally over

The Keystone XL pipeline is finished. We need a Just Transition Act now.



We got some huge news yesterday. TC Energy terminated the Keystone XL pipeline.

That means Alberta premier Jason Kenney has officially blown over a billion dollars of public money by investing it in the project. It’s clear that Canadian politicians are making the wrong choice by continuing to bank on tar sands expansion.

So, let’s make sure they hear from us right away. We’re flooding Natural Resources Minister Seamus O’Regan’s phone lines today. Join us and call on O’Regan to deliver a Just Transition Act that supports workers and communities with the shift away from fossil fuels.

This Keystone news means that 3 out of 5 tar sands export pipelines have been cancelled thanks to the hard work of Indigenous land defenders and the climate movement. At a moment like this, when Big Oil companies are walking away from major projects that have cost them billions, Trudeau needs to read the writing on the wall.

It’s... time for Trudeau to give up his pipeline dreams, cancel Trans Mountain and invest instead in a Just Transition Act that creates millions of green jobs while tackling the climate crisis.

We know that our pressure’s been working. After tens of thousands of people called for an update on the Just Transition Act, Trudeau’s Natural Resources Minister Seamus O’Regan finally conceded that his office is working on this critical legislation.

But it’s been weeks and we still don’t have any clarity or a clear timeline.

So let’s keep O’Regan’s phone line ringing until we get a clear response. Use our one-click tool to call Minister O’Regan’s office.

We can accomplish so much when we stand together. Keystone XL wouldn’t have been cancelled if it wasn’t for the Indigenous-led, people-powered resistance to this tar sands pipeline. Now, we must keep up the fight to ensure the Trans Mountain and Line 3 pipelines never see the light of day. Call to demand action on Canada’s Just Transition Act now.

In solidarity,


PS - It’s been a tough week. I’m sure you feel it too. I can’t stop thinking about the Afzal family -- a family that looked so much like my own. This Monday, while they were out for an evening walk in London, Ontario, the Afzal family was brutally attacked by a white supremacist. This horrific hate crime killed 4 of the 5 family members, leaving a young boy orphaned. We know that racism and Islamophobia have absolutely no place in the better world we’re trying to build. That’s why this week we are standing with the Muslim community and people across the country who are grieving this heartbreaking loss. r38

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