Ben & Jerry's deadly silence

While Israel murders and brutalizes Palestinians daily, Ben & Jerry’s, one of the most progressive international companies, continues to operate on stolen Palestinian land.

Call on Ben & Jerry’s to stop supporting apartheid in Palestine.

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Last month, during the eleven-day assault by Israeli military on the Gaza Strip, 256 Palestinians, including 66 children, died. And last week, thousands of right-wing nationalists paraded around Jerusalem shouting ‘death to Arabs’.

The only way to stop the never-ending cycle of settlement expansion and violence is to make the economic cost of this illegal occupation too high to bear.

Ben & Jerry’s has been one of the world’s most progressive companies since its inception, but they continue to sell and operate on stolen Palestinian land.

And if we can get them to stop supporting the apartheid regime, other global companies like Puma and Motorola will be forced to follow suit.

Tell Ben & Jerry’s: stop supporting the brutal occupation of... Palestine

The recent violence in the region is just the latest in the chapter of oppression of Palestinians -- a conflict that is marked by decades of apartheid, colonization, land theft, forced evictions, demolitions, and displacement of Palestinians by settlers waving Israel’s flag.

While Israeli settlers on stolen Palestinian land use freezers to store Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, people in Gaza have no choice but to use them to store the bodies of dead Palestinians babies -- as was the case after the deadly assault when close to 2,000 were killed in 2014.

The company’s normally active social media has been silent since the eleven-day assault. We know from inside sources that Ben & Jerry's is deciding right now whether to pull out of Israel for good.

Call on Ben & Jerry’s and other companies to end its complicity in the apartheid of Palestinian people.

After decades of silence, the world is speaking out against the apartheid of Palestinian people in a real way -- in London alone, 100,000 people marched the streets in solidarity with Palestinians last month.

And we know when SumOfUs pushes corporations on the issue of Palestine, they listen. When close to 200,000 SumOfUs supporters called on Airbnb to pull its listings from illegally occupied Palestine we got it to temporarily agree to delist.

More than 150 organizations around the world have called on Ben & Jerry’s to leave Israel. Let’s join them and make this happen.

Call on Ben & Jerry’s to end its association with the apartheid regime in Israel now.

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Thanks for all that you do,
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