Catholic Church Must Apologize for Residential Schools & the Murdered Children in Canada

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Catholic Church Must Apologize for Residential Schools & the Murdered Children in Canada

Edy Haddad started this petition to Vatican- Catholic Church - Anglican Church and it now has 13,148 signatures

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"A mass... grave containing the remains of 215 Indigenous children, including some as young as 3, has been found on the grounds of a former residential school in British Columbia, a grim finding from one of the darkest chapters of Canadian history." Washington Post

Residential Schools were run by the catholic church and ripped children away from their families where they suffered sexual violence, abuse, assimilation, loss of their identity, and murder.

The Catholic and Anglican Church must formally apologize for its role in these schools and the murder and abuse of indigenous children.

"The commission ultimately determined that at least 3,200 children died while a student at a Residential School; one in every 50 students enrolled during the program’s nearly 120-year existence. That’s a death rate comparable to the number of Canadian POWs who died in the custody of Nazi Germany during the Second World War" The National Post

The Catholic Church has never formally apologized for its actions and has gone without impunity with coverups of abuse of children and young people for the last 100+ years.

The Catholic and Anglican Church Must formally acknowledge its role in Residential Schools, apologize, and begin consultations of Indigenous communities in Canada to help in the process of Reconciliation and forgiveness.

The Government of Canada should mandate Indigenous history as a prerequisite for all formal education, including in all catholic schools.

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