July 1st, 2021: Turning grief into action

July 1st, 2021: Turning grief into action r1 ... Dear Friend,

Like you, we have been waking up to more news confirming the horrors of the Indian Residential School system.

Over the past month, the remains of more than 1,300 Indigenous children have been found in unmarked graves surrounding institutions they were forced into by churches and governments.

As that knowledge sits heavy in our hearts, we are asking ourselves what we can do. What actions can we take to address the deep injustices of the past and present?

This year, July 1st must mark the transition from what our country has been and is, to what our society must become. We are asking you to join with us and take the day as an opportunity to listen, learn, and reflect.

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Canada has committed genocide against Indigenous peoples, and our governments have gone out of their way to hide this truth from the public. But that campaign of deceit is finally failing.

While the country is sharing a moment of collective grief, it is also sharing in the need to come to a greater understanding of our country and our government — and a greater commitment to creating a society that works for all of us.

There is a growing recognition of the realities of Canada’s colonial history and present.

This is a time to mourn — it’s also a time to organize. This year, we are calling on all Council of Canadians supporters to observe July 1st differently. Here are some options for learning more and taking tangible actions:

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