Weve almost hit our goal. Can you chip in before midnight?

“Brilliantly researched and reported stories when and where we need them most.”

I’ll admit it — just a few days ago I wasn’t sure if we were going to reach this campaign goal. I knew $400,000 was an ambitious target, and for most of the month we’ve been running behind.

But yesterday was one of the best days for grassroots fundraising in The Intercept’s history. We’ve been clicking refresh and watching the goal grow tantalizingly close.

Readers are stepping up to invest in journalism that challenges the political and economic status quo — no matter who occupies the White House.

And now we have just $20,000 left to reach our goal. To get there, we need only 800 donors to chip in just $25 each.

Can you donate to The Intercept before midnight?

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Here’s what Intercept members have told us about why they contributed:

“I support the Intercept because I appreciate the effort and diligence that goes into long-form reporting. I don’t feel like Intercept writers are just trying to churn out stories on some rotating deadline, but have degrees of freedom to make sure the story meets the quality standards that readers deserve.”

– Louis, New York, NY

“I enjoy reading high-quality journalism that fearlessly illuminates our opaque institutions and holds their decision-making and policies to account.”

– Aarav, Phoenix, AZ

“Brilliantly researched and reported stories when and where we need them most.”

– A.M., Oakland, CA

“Because today I was looking for more information and you provided me the details and sources in a credible manner and pictures of actual documents. And I can take that to the officials in my area and find out what happened here.”

– Election official in Virginia

To meet our goal, we still need to raise $20,000. If a tiny portion of Intercept readers become members, we’ll blow past our goal. Please join these members of The Intercept, with a donation of whatever you can afford.


Michael Sherrard Membership Director

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