Save the Hunt Club Forest in Ottawa

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Save the Hunt Club Forest in Ottawa

Manuel Costa started this petition to Bmw, Justin Trudeau, Ottawa City Council and it now has 7,715 signatures

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#BMWOtto on Hunt Club wants to... clear the 4 acres of red pine forest beside the dealership to build another parking lot.
Apparently, the dealership had an environmental assessment done.
The forest is 55 years old and about 5 years away from qualifying as a “mature forest”, so cutting it down is legally permissible, although ecologically unacceptable.
The Forest is on Federal lands, managed by the Airport Authority and #BMWOtto wants to re-zone it to put asphalt in there.
Have they heard about the #ClimateEmergency?
Does BMW Walk the Talk?
Does Justin Trudeau?
Does Ottawa City Council?

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