What's happening at camp?

We are honoured to do this work as guests on traditional territory of the Pacheedaht and Ditidaht First Nations. We work with utmost respect for the land and all its relations, human and nonhuman.

Please help us by forwarding this newsletter to any friends or family you feel would like to be involved or learn more. They can join our list here. We're still at camp
Last week the Pacheedaht Nation issued a request for Rainforest Flying Squad to vacate the Fairy Creek area during fire season. We appreciate this concern, and are taking every precaution regarding fire safety. We continue to stand with Pacheedaht Elder Bill Jones, who says:

Thank you, Chief Jeff Jones, for your request asking the Rainforest Flying Squad to vacate the area during fire season. We share your concerns during this time of extreme temperatures and the prolonged drought. We want to ensure both the forest and our people are fully protected. Please be assured that once we receive notice that Teal Jones has stood down from active logging and road building for the fire season and that the RCMP are refraining from enforcement procedures in the area, we too, will reduce our presence in Pacheedaht unceded territory.

Until then, our camps remain in place, with stringent and extensive fire safety protocols. Come to camp.

Read Elder Bill Jones' full response to the Pacheedaht First Nation's request. HAPPENING THIS WEEKEND AT CAMP: Visit Fairy Creek Shuttle Bus to find a ride.
New economic study provides evidence that old-growth forests are financially worth more standing than logged.
The Economic Valuation of Old Growth Forests on Vancouver Island, released by the Ancient Forest Alliance, studied forests around Port Renfrew, including Fairy Creek. The study concludes that net economic benefit is higher when old growth trees are left standing than if they are logged. The study was conducted by ESSA Technologies Inc., an environmental consulting firm based in Vancouver. Premier Horgan, it's time for real action.
Premier Horgan needs to take five steps to save our ancient forest and create a sustainable and just forestry system in BC. Call him and tell him to:

1. Immediately defer all logging across the 1.3 million hectares of old growth forests that meet the criteria laid out by the old growth strategic review. Not in a few months or a few years but NOW.

2. Instruct the Ministry of Forests to stop issuing new logging or road building approvals in any old growth forests.

3. Work to create a rapid and just transition away from all old growth logging, including providing economic alternatives to Indigenous Nations and rural communities that have become economically dependent on old growth logging.

4. Work to return control of the land to the Indigenous Nations and communities that live on, and care for those lands.

5. Help bring about a sustainable forestry system based on local control of the land and managing for ecosystem services. Including eventual bands on highly mechanized logging, a ban on raw log exports, a ban on industrial old growth logging, and a ban on clear cutting (this would help to create more jobs with less of an environmental impact.) You can reference the model of Wildwood Ecoforest.

Tell Horgan that delay is destruction, and that if he continues to drag his feet he will lose your vote. Save this number in your phone and call him every day: 250-387-1715.

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