Canada is on fire

Tell Trudeau to act with the urgency this crisis demands



Last week, friends and I were sitting down for dinner in a restaurant in Kamloops, BC for the first time since the pandemic began, when our waitress came over with to-go boxes and asked us to leave. An out-of-control wildfire was burning about 40 kilometers southwest of the city, and officials had begun to evacuate the neighbourhoods where many of the restaurant’s staff worked.1

Our waitress looked panicked as we began packing up our food and we asked her what she knew. “I don’t know how worried I should be,” she said.

Two days prior, 90% of the town of Lytton, BC had burned to the ground after reaching record-high temperatures.

This week, there are over 200 wildfires blazing across BC and many more in other parts of Western Canada.2 It's clear, the climate emergency is here. It's claiming lives and destroying homes.3

Canada is literally on fire. That’s why, today, we’ve... launched a new petition calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to start acting at the scale and pace this crisis demands.
Can you take a moment to sign?

I spent my night in Kamloops rolling over every hour to check my phone, scouring Twitter to see whether new areas of the city were being evacuated, including where I was staying. I packed my bags before bed and left them at the door. The evacuation order was lifted and then returned, and then lifted once more.

The next morning, my fear slowly dissipated and was replaced by rage — rage towards the oil and gas executives and political elite in this country who continue to pour billions into fossil fuel projects in the middle of a climate emergency. And rage especially towards Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government, who have spent years promising climate action and yet have consistently failed to deliver even the most basic action required to secure a livable future.

As hundreds of wildfires continue to burn across Western Canada, it’s time to turn up the heat on Justin Trudeau and demand an end to fossil fuel extraction. Can you sign our new petition calling on the Prime Minister to meet this moment and accelerate Canada’s transition away from fossil fuels?

It’s been over two years since Trudeau declared a climate emergency, but the Liberals are still acting like we’ve got all the time in the world. Shockingly, as people across BC suffered under the heat dome last week, Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson was quietly walking back Canada’s already-too-weak climate target.4

The Trudeau government’s climate delay has to end. Canada is on fire and it’s time for our leaders to act like it.

Sign the petition to demand an immediate end to fossil fuel expansion and just transition legislation that supports workers and communities with the transition to 100% renewable energy.

Over the past few days, I’ve seen a lot of people respond to this latest wave of climate disasters by throwing up their arms in desperation, but that’s the last thing we need. Right now, tens of thousands of people are waking up to the severity of the climate emergency. It’s up to us to channel their rage into action. Paov, once you’ve signed the petition can you send it to five friends?

It’s never too late to fight like hell for the places we love.

In love and solidarity,


PS - The Lytton community has lost everything in last week’s devastating fire. As they account for all of their losses, they’re inviting support from anyone who can afford it. If you are able, please consider making a donation to support the Lytton First Nation Community Emergency Support fund.

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