Shut down Tiger Paw Exotics: a cruel and neglectful company

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Shut down Tiger Paw Exotics: a cruel and neglectful company

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This past week, Limeridge Mall and Dinos and... Friends hosted a petting zoo with animals out on a hot tarmac in 37 degree weather with little to no shade and little to no water. Animals were seen in distress, panting and trying to keep cool. Due to many calls to action by the surrounding communities, the animals have been removed from the exhibit. However, these animals are owned by Tiger Paw Exotics, who have had many complaints lodged against them over the years, including in Sturgeon Falls and Aurora. They were also forced to shut down in Aurora due to unsuitable conditions (link below).

The Provincial Animal Welfare Services Act in Ontario covers offences, including causing or permitting distress to an animal causing harm. Basic standards of care that apply to all animals covered under the act, include requirements for adequate and appropriate food, water, medical attention and care, ventilation, light and protection from the elements, including harmful temperatures, sanitary conditions and space to enable natural movement and exercise, pens or enclosed, and
transportation in a manner that ensures an animal’s physical safety and general welfare.

Tiger Paw Exotics have not abided by these laws and should be forced to close down on the basis of these events and their mistreatment of animals. Please consider signing this petition and helping these animals, they need our help!

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