Caycuse Clearcut Logging From Above

Aerial images captured near the start of June 2021 highlight the brutal impact of old-growth logging in the Caycuse watershed in Ditidaht territory. The original 33 hectare clearcut from Teal-Jones, where the now-famed ‘before & after’ images were taken, stands out in shocking scale. Fresh old-growth logging can be seen in a number of adjacent cutblocks as well, which were approved earlier this year by the BC NDP despite its own panel’s recommendations to defer logging in endangered areas.
Every day that John Horgan delays taking immediate action, centuries-old forests, and the complex web of life found amongst them, are disappearing forever. SPEAK UP! Send your message to government today:
The BC government must step up and support real solutions, such as providing funding for First Nations and forest-dependent communities to expand protected areas, diversify their economies, and rapidly transition to a more sustainable, value-added second-growth forest industry.image.png

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