Fairy Creek: Midnight raids and police aggression stoke tensions

Activists and journalists report more aggressive police enforcement as old-growth fight heats up
News by Brandi Morin
JUNE 29, 2021


ocked into a PVC tube cemented into the ground on a logging road for hours on end, Sage Jackson, 23, found solace in the giants of the forest nearby. The night of June 17 was cold, and sleep was evasive.

Then at midnight, bright white lights flashed in the darkness. Jackson could hear their boots, as an RCMP tactical team approached to raid the blockade camp in the Fairy Creek forest on southern Vancouver Island. Now wasn’t the time to flounder.

“They tried to antagonize us,” Jackson told Ricochet during a telephone interview.

Ricochet profiled Jackson, who is Nuu-chah-nulth/Heiltsuk and Nuučaańuł?ath/Haílzaqv, in mid-June, describing her efforts to establish an Indigenous healing space at one of the camps.

“An officer was kicking rocks next to my face when he was getting someone else out. I asked him why he was doing this to me. He said to ensure my safety.”
The old-growth forest in B.C.’s Fairy Creek area has garnered international attention as thousands of activists have gathered there to try and save it from logging. The RCMP have arrested over 300 people since May as they enforce an injunction obtained in April by logging company Teal-Jones to remove the forest defenders.

Jackson said she has an inherent responsibility to protect Indigenous territories from the impacts of continued colonial violence. That includes putting her body on the line, because it’s linked to the survival of the land.

“They stole our axe and our other things. Even some of our food and water. It’s inhumane,” she said during her stay at the Eden camp, where her arm was cemented into the ground.

She was frightened while the RCMP rummaged through the camp, and tried to call out to them.

But they ignored her.


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