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Join us on Thursday! r1 Peace Brigades International-Canada Making Space for Peace Join us on Thursday!

This Thursday at 3 pm ET we are holding a webinar focused on an Indigenous community in Guatemala who are seeking their land back after being displaced by a military base.

Echoing the recent news in Canada, the remains of 90 Indigenous children who were disappeared in the 1980s were later found in unmarked, mass graves on that base.

Every July since 2008, the community has mobilized on the anniversary of their displacement to demand their land back.

Last month, while preparing for a mobilization with this demand, 21 members of the community were arrested and put in jail.

With a court date scheduled for Friday, and the anniversary of the community’s displacement later this month, this webinar on Thursday will provide a timely opportunity to hear about this struggle.

And given the Government of Canada’s ongoing support for the military base, the webinar will generate ideas on what those of us in this country can do to in solidarity to support the community’s demands.

Join us by registering at:

Hope... to see you on Thursday.

Brent, PBI-Canada

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