My hometown is covered in smoke

Will you join me in calling on Trudeau to start acting like this is an emergency?



Earlier this week, my sons went for their annual camping trip to White Shell Provincial Park here in Manitoba. This year was unlike any other. They told me the scene looked apocalyptic. The air was thick with smoke. Water bomber planes were flying all through the day, scooping up water from the lake and trying desperately to extinguish the incessant wildfires raging across the boreal forests.

When they returned home to Winnipeg, where we all live, it wasn’t much of a relief. The smell of smoke and hazy skies have been a constant presence in the city these last few weeks. And, that’s just here in Manitoba. To our east and west, hundreds more fires are burning across Western Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC, where it’s only mid July and more than 1,000 wildfires have been recorded.

It’s undeniable. The climate emergency is at our doorstep. That’s why I’m joining thousands of people across the country to demand emergency level climate action from the Trudeau government. Add your name now.

Moments like this show us that while Justin Trudeau talks like a climate leader, he’s still not acting like one.

Experts say that 2021 is well on its way to beating last year as the worst wildfire season on record. We don’t have to live with this reality of a climate crisis that gets worse and worse with every passing year.

Our political leaders have the power to put out the fires and help us ensure a liveable future if they take action immediately to stop fossil fuel expansion and introduce just transition legislation that paves the way for a smooth shift to 100% renewable energy.

Tell Trudeau to immediately stop fossil fuel expansion and legislate a Just Transition.

With a potential election coming up, we can’t give Trudeau or any federal leader a free pass. They must prove that they are ready to lead with courage in the face of this devastating climate emergency.

I’m raising two young boys in the middle of a climate emergency. My hometown is blanketed in smoke. My family up North in Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation were forced to evacuate due to uncontrolled wildfires earlier this week and the rest of my family in Pukatawagan is on high alert for evacuations. I’m done waiting for politicians to get their act together around the climate emergency.

Join me to demand emergency-level action from Justin Trudeau on the climate crisis.

In the coming week, we’re going to announce our plan to ramp up pressure. Stay tuned and watch out for our emails to learn more.

With respect and peace,


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