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PAOV — "We live in Ashcroft with family in 100 Mile House. Options are becoming more limited because of highway closures are well as hotels already filled with evacuees. Temps are continuing to sore and no precipitation. The people in these communities need aid." There are more than 300 wildfires burnings in British Columbia and 1,500 properties remain under evacuation order, ready to flee. Residents are urging the government to declare a state of emergency, saying they urgently need more help. You can help by signing the petition now.

BC Should be Declaring State of Emergency for Devastating Wildfires

4,910 have signed Concerned Citizens’s petition. Let’s get to 5,000!

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With the ever increasing number of wildfires every single day, hour and minute, BC needs more help from the federal government. Our firefighters are stretched thin, helicopters, heavy equipment is scattered all throughout BC making it tough to focus on the larger fires that are threatening bigger communities.

With the recent devastating news of Lytton being completely destroyed by the roaring wildfires, this should have been an automatic call to declare a State of Emergency in BC. Now, the Sparks Lake fire near Kamloops border is threatening coming closer and closer to this "main vein" of a City.

What will it take for proper action and outside help to arrive in BC to tackle these large fires? Would it take leveling a City like Kamloops, Kelowna or Vernon? Look now fast the fire roared through Lytton, those poor people didn’t have a chance to even prepare before being evacuated.


Please get this message out to all friends, families and co-workers that BC needs more help!

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