URGENT: Amazon needs you. Please.

Bolsonaro’s Brazilian Congress is about to vote on a new law that will force indigenous tribes from their lands and open up the heart of the Amazon for exploitation by industrial meat and timber. Sign your name against this legalised genocide:

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Bolsonaro allies in Congress want to pass a new law to open up the heart of the Amazon to devastating industrial projects, and legalise the expulsion of isolated indigenous tribes from their ancestral lands.

He’s pushing draft bill 490/2007 -- that will basically legalise genocide -- and it will be voted on in Congress any day now.

But there is hope. Even the greediest politicians are worried about their image, and we can use that to support the Indigenous activists fighting this new law.

Let's show the Brazilian Congress that people from all over the world are against the genocide of indigenous people, and destruction of the Amazon -- our pressure could tip the balance.

Add your name now and join 6,000 SumOfUs members in Brazil already fighting this:

MPs of Brazil: vote against genocide and reject Bill 490/2007

One of the most obscene demands in this Bill -- a provision designed to ensure isolated tribes will be expelled from their homes -- is the obligation for them to present evidence they inhabited their lands before the enactment of the 1988 Brazilian Constitution.

For people who have lived without contact with colonial culture’s laws and record-keeping, this is, by definition, impossible to comply with. The game is of course stacked in favour of the industrial meat and timber corporations.

Indigenous warriors simply fighting for their right to exist have been protesting for days in Brasilia -- and have been viciously attacked by the police with rubber bullets and tear gas.

Let’s join them to help prevent the erasure of the original peoples of the Amazon and destruction of its vital forests.

Sign now to create such enormous global pressure against this genocide bill that even Bolsonaro can’t ignore it:

MPs of Brazil: vote against genocide and reject Bill 490/2007

Together, SumOfUS members can stop even the greediest of executives and politicians in their tracks. Our pressure works. We have already secured important victories against some of the world's biggest companies -- Apple, Amazon and Facebook. Let's now join in solidarity with the Indigenous peoples of the Amazon against the powerful industrial meat and timber corporations influencing Bolsonaro. #PL490NO.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Flora, Sondhya and the rest of the team at SumOfUs

Firing arrows, indigenous people in Brazil protest bill curtailing land rights Reuters, 16/06/2021
Brazil police use teargas and rubber bullets against indigenous protesters The Guardian, 22/06/2021
Members of the ruralist caucus and allies to President Bolsonaro approve bill that paves the way for a new indigenous genocide Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB), 23/06/2021

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