Solidarity for Cuba

2 to 4pm Saturday, August 28th Banner Hanging on the Pat Bay highway overpass on Rogers Ave.(On Quadra crossing Mckenzie going towards Saanich it’s the 5th Rd. left)

Hi friends,

Cubans are suffering greatly as a result of the United States’ unlawful and unjust blockade, which is being tightened even during the Biden administration. While the US government claims to care about human rights in Cuba, it continues to punish Cubans through its blockade, which has a severe impact on every area of life in the country. The United States' strategy against Cuba, which has lasted more than 60 years, has only served to make Cubans suffer.
While the international community calls for international cooperation during the global COVID pandemic, the United States continues to punish countries it does not like.
Since Joe Biden took office, all kinds of calls from all kinds of people and countries around the globe have been demanding the end of this U.S. barbaric blockade.
Governments, political, labor, and religious organizations, scientists, artists, and authors, as well as hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world, have all called for an end to the blockade, with the UN General Assembly voting decisively against it for the 28th time... not long ago.
This weekend, there will be another international call to put an end to it.
This coming Saturday, August 28th, from 2 to 4pm, we will be hanging our banners at the Pat Bay highway overpass on Rogers in Victoria.
We invite all our supporters to join us in showing our support for Cuba and our opposition to the blockade.
In solidarity,Victoria Friends of Cuba

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