A Call For Accountability: Kamloops Indian Residential School

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A Call For Accountability: Kamloops Indian Residential School

Katie Koopman started this petition to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Honourable Carolyn Bennett, Citizens of Canada, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, Charlie Angus MP and it now has 20,443 signatures

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There is no reconciliation without repentance.

Canadian citizens stand in unity with, and grieve alongside, Indigenous people across the country who are experiencing, this week in particular, the very real and personal effects of intergenerational trauma as a result of residential schools.

We are angry and we will no longer be deceived: There must be a national reckoning of the hidden truths that have been intentionally kept from us - even the ground beneath our feet will no longer contain them.

Consequently, in response to the recent, horrific news of the unearthing of the remains of 215 Indigenous children at Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia, we implore the Canadian government to immediately acknowledge and act upon the following:


*End their legal battle against the First Nation children and accept the findings of the Human Rights Tribunal.
*End their legal battle against the St. Anne’s survivors.
*Provide survivors and their families the support for dealing with the trauma
*Table within 10 days the steps they have taken to end their legal battles.

1. That the TRC Calls to Action be upheld, specifically, those actions under Missing Children and Burial Information: TRC Calls to Action

71. We call upon all chief coroners and provincial vital
statistics agencies that have not provided to the Truth
and Reconciliation Commission of Canada their
records on the deaths of Aboriginal children in the
care of residential school authorities to make these
documents available to the National Centre for Truth
and Reconciliation.
72. We call upon the federal government to allocate
sufficient resources to the National Centre for Truth
and Reconciliation to allow it to develop and maintain
the National Residential School Student Death
Register established by the Truth and Reconciliation
Commission of Canada.
73. We call upon the federal government to work with
churches, Aboriginal communities, and former
residential school students to establish and maintain
an online registry of residential school cemeteries,
including, where possible, plot maps showing the
location of deceased residential school children.
74. We call upon the federal government to work with the
churches and Aboriginal community leaders to inform
the families of children who died at residential schools
of the child’s burial location, and to respond to families’
wishes for appropriate commemoration ceremonies and markers, and reburial in home communities where
75. We call upon the federal government to work with
provincial, territorial, and municipal governments,
churches, Aboriginal communities, former residential
school students, and current landowners to develop
and implement strategies and procedures for the
ongoing identification, documentation, maintenance,
commemoration, and protection of residential school
cemeteries or other sites at which residential school
children were buried. This is to include the provision of appropriate memorial ceremonies and commemorative
markers to honour the deceased children.
76. We call upon the parties engaged in the work of
documenting, maintaining, commemorating, and
protecting residential school cemeteries to adopt
strategies in accordance with the following principles:
i. The Aboriginal community most affected shall lead
the development of such strategies.
ii. Information shall be sought from residential school
Survivors and other Knowledge Keepers in the
development of such strategies.
iii. Aboriginal protocols shall be respected before
any potentially invasive technical inspection and
investigation of a cemetery site.

2. That a National Day of Mourning and Remembrance for these 215 buried babies and all missing and murdered Indigenous children be set aside annually for observance.

3. That the Canadian Government stops protecting the priests, bishops, nuns and government officials and releases the names of those who are directly responsible for the abuse and deaths of Indigenous children while at residential school.

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