Today, were endorsing 7 game changers

If elected, these candidates could upend the status quo of climate inaction in Canada. r1


Thanks to your pressure, the climate crisis is rising up as a top issue in this election. Yesterday, the Trudeau government unveiled their climate plan and it included some major promises including regulating oil and gas emissions and funding for green jobs.

But as always, the Liberals' plan falls far short of the kind of bold action we need to tackle the climate emergency. The $2 billion they're putting into green jobs is less than half of what they’re spending to build the Trans Mountain pipeline and $16 billion less than the subsidies they gave to fossil fuels in 2020 alone. Their pledge to regulate oil and gas emissions doesn’t come into force for 4 years, and it lacks the kind of teeth needed to reign in Big Oil at the pace and scale we need to meet the climate emergency. The Trudeau government has had 6 years to lead with courage and deliver real action on the climate crisis. Instead, they bought a pipeline and handed billions to the fossil fuel industry, while dragging their feet on the just transition they promised to workers and... communities across the country.

With wildfires continuing to rage across the west, we need real leadership on the climate emergency. This election is our opportunity to elect the kind of leaders who are courageous enough to deliver the action we need.

That’s why, today, we're proud to endorse 7 Game Changer Climate Champions. These Game Changers are renowned activists and social movement leaders who have dedicated their lives to fighting for climate action and social justice. If elected, these candidates could upend the status quo of climate inaction in Canada. Click here to learn all about these candidates and find out how you can support their campaigns.

On the west coast, we’ve got Anjali Appadurai, a longtime climate organizer who has fought for climate justice everywhere from the halls of the United Nations to the streets of Vancouver where she’s running this election. And, Avi Lewis, journalist, author of the Leap Manifesto, and a fierce advocate for a Green New Deal.

In the BC Interior, Joan Philip is an Indigenous leader deeply involved in the resistance to the Trans Mountain pipeline. In Saskatchewan, Tria Donaldson has been both a climate activist and union organizer, giving her a unique and important perspective on the need for a just transition.

Parkdale-High Park candidate, Paul Taylor, has spent years working on addressing poverty, food insecurity, and climate change in Toronto and across the country. While in PEI, Anna Keenan is another long-time climate activist, who has worked across Canada and around the globe building the climate movement. And, in Labrador, Amy Norman is a young Inuk woman who has lived on the frontlines of climate change her entire life and is championing a bold platform that meets the urgency of the crisis while centering economic justice and Indigenous rights.

I truly can’t imagine a stronger slate of climate champions than these 7 candidates. But all of them have a tough fight ahead to win their seat in Parliament. That’s why we need your support.

Here are two things you can do to support these 7 Game Changers:

  1. Directly support these candidates. The most effective way to help elect these Game Changers is to support them directly with your time and money. You can help from anywhere in the country. I'm asking you to choose at least 1 of these 7 Game Changers and commit to volunteering or making a donation to their campaign. Click here to find out how to volunteer and donate for their campaigns.

  2. Help us get the word out about these Game Changers. These candidates bring a unique, grassroots perspective and bold vision to the political arena. Their campaigns are already raising the bar on climate action this election. We can magnify their impact if we bring their voices and stories to as many people as possible. Click here to read and share the Medium article about our Game Changers.

This is just the beginning. In the coming weeks, we’ve got some big plans to support these candidates and other critical races across the country. And we’re so excited to announce that we’ll be able to go the extra mile to support these candidates because thanks to your support, we already raised our full projected budget for the 350 Canada 2021 election campaign.

This exciting news means we no longer need to spend time fundraising for 350 Canada in this election and we can focus our attention on what’s truly important: mobilizing unprecedented numbers of climate voters to elect champions who can transform climate politics in Canada.

Let’s get to it.


PS - To see our full list of endorsements and to get the latest updates about our endorsements, check out our Climate Voters Emergency Alliance website. is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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