Support us in building a Green New Deal

Support us in building a Green New Deal r1 ... Green New Deal Rally Pre-COVID Green New Deal Rally. Photo by Robert van Waarden, Survival Media Dear Friend,

Imagine a day like this: you wake up in a warm house. You take electrified public transit to your job, where you make a decent wage. You read the news, and the breaking story tells you that our carbon emissions are plummeting and employment in low-carbon industries is on the rise across all demographics in Canada. You get home from work in time to have dinner with your family or friends, where you share affordable, locally produced food.

These scenarios may seem unrelated, but they all come from a central idea: a Green New Deal. The Council of Canadians is working to support the movement that is calling for a Green New Deal, which would transform our society by:
  • Investing in public transit, public services, and other public infrastructure
  • Creating green jobs in retrofitting buildings and retooling our economy
  • Supporting local, low-carbon, community-driven agriculture
  • Prioritizing job training and placement in communities that have been marginalized and put at risk by the current economy
  • Meaningfully including Indigenous peoples in climate planning and action that results in deep cuts in our emissions

These are attainable goals. Polling has confirmed that the overwhelming majority of Canadians want to move our economy to a low-carbon future through a Green New Deal rooted in climate justice and respect for Indigenous rights.

Organizing for a Green New Deal is ongoing, and it will last beyond the election no matter who is in government. Talk to candidates in your area about supporting effective climate legislation, aligned with a Green New Deal, and give today to ensure we hold them accountable now and after September 20.

Donate Now The Council of Canadians is supporting and strengthening the movement that is seeking this Green New Deal. Locally-rooted, people-powered campaigns have shown that big corporations and nefarious individuals can be worn down and ultimately defeated by the combined power of thousands and thousands of ordinary people, like you and me. Our chapters, members, supporters, and grassroots partners are using every means at their disposal to ensure their communities take concrete steps toward this future.

We’ve been holding training sessions with chapters and community partners every month, putting organizing tools in the hands of local activists to help build strong coalitions. Workshops, webinars, town hall meetings – we share these resources and support these activities so together we can effect change from the ground up. We tell stories of Green New Deals so people across Canada can imagine what a world shaped by climate, social, and economic justice can look like.

I don’t want to mislead you. The task we’ve set for ourselves is not easy. Corporations and their enablers in government, the media, and academia are firmly entrenched. They know the climate crisis is real too, but they lobby heavily to protect fossil fuel industries and their profits. They have undue influence over Canadian policy. They think no one is watching and no one will hold them accountable. But we are – and we will. r71 | Add us to your address book Facebook Twitter Instagram Website Copyright © 2021 Council of Canadians, All rights reserved.
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