Lets make sure climate is at the center of the Leaders Debate

On September 8th, right before the federal leaders' debate, take action for the climate. r1


Wildfires are blazing across the country and thousands are still on evacuation alert.

We’re in the middle of a climate emergency and every single federal party leader in the country needs to demonstrate that they are ready to get serious about this crisis.

That’s why, on September 8th, right before the official Federal Leaders’ Debates, people from coast to coast to coast are taking action to ensure that climate is a top issue in this election.

There will be actions in 60 communities across the country. Check out our action map to find an action near you.

If there isn’t an action near your community, consider signing up to host one and we will support you every step of the way to make it happen.

Momentum is building. As communities prepare to take action on September 8th, politicians across party lines have started to feel the heat and they are strengthening their positions on climate action. But we know that in the middle of a climate emergency, we need more than just words. We need courage and we need action from our political leaders.

Let’s... show them that real action on the climate emergency means stopping fossil fuel expansion and delivering a just transition that supports workers and communities. Check out our action directory to see the full list of actions across the country.



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