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PAOV — White sturgeon are a protected and endangered species in BC’s Fraser River. Despite their protected status, catch-and-release fishing is still permitted. Petition starter Terri is calling for an end to the practice, calling it cruel and traumatizing. If you think catch-and-release of white sturgeon should stop, sign the petition now.

Stop Torturing the Sturgeon of the Fraser River

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White Sturgeon are an ancient species of fish that have survived since the time of the dinosaurs. They can live for over 150 years and grow to over six meters in length. The world’s last remaining wild population of White Sturgeon lives in the Fraser River of British Columbia. Unfortunately, the numbers of wild White Sturgeon in the lower Fraser River are in decline.

The majority of white sturgeon populations in British Columbia are listed under the federal Species at Risk Act and are not open to angling. As white sturgeon mature after 17 to 20 years and can live for more than 100 years, impacts or injuries can be long lasting. Fish that are more than 3 m in length and over 150 kgs in weight are regularly caught and tortured each year.

There are 18+ fishing charters that target Sturgeon in the Fraser River. The catch/release way of fishing Sturgeon so humans can have an "awesome" experience fighting with this fish. There is no other reason for anyone to fish for this species except for bragging rights and to line the pockets of fishing charter companies. People come to catch these Sturgeons which is really torturing these fish over and over as the fishing charters will bring people repeatedly to the same areas to catch Sturgeon which could mean the same fish are repeatedly caught and traumatized. These fish are traumatized even when humans catch them the "gentle" way but how many are caught, held out of water so pictures can be taken, not done the "gentle" way and then returned to the river. They are not left unharmed. They just fought for their lives! Suffocated out of water!

These magnificent fish are not being caught as a food source, only as means of entertainment.

STOP the CRUEL practice of catch and release of the Fraser River Sturgeon!

STOP Torturing the Fraser River Sturgeon for profit!

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