Demand an Inquiry into the Sixties Scoop!

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Demand an Inquiry into the Sixties Scoop!

60s Scoop Legacy of Canada started this petition to Justin Trudeau, Carolyn Bennett, Government of Canada, and it now has 3,431 signatures

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Indigenous Survivors and adoptees of... the Sixties Scoop deserve to be heard in a National Inquiry.

From about 1951-1982, thousands of Indigenous children were "scooped" from their families, many of whom suffered with the horrific, long-term trauma of Indian Residential Facilities.

We need to measure the full effects of Indigenous child removal in Canada, the number of children and families affected by the Sixties Scoop, and make the necessary changes to law, policies and funding so this never happens again.

We need to document our experiences as Survivors and adoptees, so our families and the public know this terrible history. Our suffering can no longer be kept hidden by the governments - it must be included in the education of children and new Canadians.

Hon. Murray Sinclair said, "The magnitude of the removal of children in Canada has not yet been measured. It ought to be. There is merit to the suggestion that any incapacities of the families were a result of the actions of government...and systemic and outright racism. The children who were removed need to know they are not alone..."

Please sign this petition and let the government know that a National Inquiry into Indigenous Child Removal is necessary so Survivors may be heard, and so no more children are taken at no fault of their own.

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