Chasing your dreams

Chasing your dreams r1 ... BECOME A MEMBER The Narwhal's masthead logo SEP. 9, 2021

The Narwhal is moving environmental coverage to the mainstream one collaboration at a time

Four years after The Narwhal was founded on a dream of revolutionizing climate journalism in Canada, we’re reaching ever-growing audiences and collaborating with heavyweights like The Globe and Mail.

Emma carrying Narwhal tote This week was kind of a big deal for us at The Narwhal. Why, you ask? Well, we co-hosted our first ever event with The Globe and Mail, which reaches 6.4 million readers a week.

Back when The Narwhal was just a twinkle in my eye, I wrote down a list of goals:
  • 200,000 Canadians will read us every month ✅
  • We will be looked to as a leading example of reader-funded journalism in Canada ✅
  • We will have content partnerships with outlets like VICE Canada, BuzzFeed and HuffPost Canada (RIP)

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