Trudeau won't have a majority government like he was hoping for 5 weeks ago when he called the election.

His inaction on climate is a reason why -- polls showed that climate change is a top voter concern.

Call on all parties to unite on climate now.

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It’s another minority government for the Liberals.

In the coming days, the Liberals will be busy figuring out why they didn’t get the majority they planned for 5 weeks ago. Meanwhile, the parties holding the balance of power in the minority government will be figuring out how to push the Liberals' to get closer to their constituency's agenda.

But it's clear what all parties should focus on: climate action. Poll after poll show that Canadians rank climate change among their top concerns. And this summer’s deadly heatwave and wildfires gave us a daily reminder of our urgency to act.

This week, all the political parties will plan for... their next 100 days which will set their agenda for until the next election. So now is the time to push all parties to unite to take climate action.

Call on all Canadian political parties to take action on climate now.

Trudeau has failed to live up to his own climate promises so far. In 2019, the Prime Minister promised to work towards phasing out fossil fuels, but he gave nearly $18 billion in subsidies and other financial support to the fossil fuel industry last year.

And then there is the aging pipeline that Trudeau bought -- if fully operational, the Trans Mountain pipeline will run until 2060 and Canada will LOSE 11 billion dollars.

The tens of billion dollars of handouts to Big Oil could have been put into Green New Jobs -- something that Trudeau mentioned in his victory speech, but has never given a real timeline or plan on when he will deliver on green employment.

These climate destroying projects Trudeau are supporting with our tax dollars are all built on stolen native land. And there can not be real climate justice without reconciliation. So far, the implementation of the landmark Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s calls to action has been piecemeal -- what is needed is a clear timeline and strategy if the government is sincere about true reconciliation.

The latest United Nations report says it’s code red for humanity, and there is no time to waste. Trudeau needs to put his climate promises into real action, and the parties holding the balance of power need to push them if he continues to fall short.

Call on parties to cooperate and fight for our climate future.

We know that when SumOfUs members like you speak up, political parties in minority governments will listen. Last summer, members like you made it possible to put hundreds of handmade windmills on Parliament Hill to demand a Just and Green Recovery. And after thousands of you messaged the party leaders directly, the Liberals delivered the most progressive throne speech in history, and the NDP then backed the Liberals avoiding an election.

That’s why we’re urging Prime Minister Trudeau to work with MPs across party lines, and accomplish the following within his 100 days:

  • Establish a plan to end fossil fuel subsidies;
  • Stop all new fossil fuel expansion;
  • Commit to our fair share of cutting at least 60 per cent of domestic emissions from 2005 levels by 2030;
  • Restart the Just Transition consultation and urgently work to develop and pass this important legislation; and
  • Most importantly, deliver a clear timeline and strategy to implement the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s calls to action and UNDRIP.

The swearing in ceremony for this new government will happen in roughly a week, and parliament will reconvene soon after so now is the time to speak out for the Government to take real climate action.

Call on elected officials to put politics aside and work together, across party lines, to protect our communities and our planet.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Angus and the team at SumOfUs

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